WallACE S. Green, Sr.


Wallace Green

When Wallace Green realized that the main causes for his kidney failure were a lack of knowledge, his choices in diet and the type of medications prescribed -- he became a one-man champion for the cause of prevention. Wallace coordinates, plans, and participates in health fairs; offers free presentations; and organizes fundraising events. If there is a health event in the community, you can be assured Wallace is there. Last year, he single-handedly provided health education to more than 7,000 veterans and other citizens.
Wallace is determined to help others identify kidney disease at the early stage when it is still possible to slow down or stop the progression of this deadly disease. Last year he logged in more than 400 hours spreading his message and traveling more than 2,500 miles at his own expense.
A disabled Vietnam veteran and twice a cancer survivor, Wallace encourages everyone to do research and ask questions about their own healthcare. Beyond his health advocacy work, he has also served as LifeNet Health Ambassador, Lions Club member, Lions Medical Eye Bank Advocate, Sickle Cell Association partner, and with the Hampton Roads Gazeti. Wallace’s volunteer service in Hampton Roads is priceless as he works to improve individual and community health.
Health & Awareness is Hampton Roads' leading non-profit organization, aimed at raising awareness of preventing Kidney disease.  We are working diligently to shift the pattern of thinking from acceptance to the importance of preventive measures and the early detection of Kidney disease.

While MEDICARE spends millions of dollars to support dialysis programs, Kidney disease has caused thousands of deaths in Hampton Roads area.  Individuals donate millions of dollars to research the causes of Kidney disease, but the causes are already known; not to mention the billions of dollars spent on medication and Kidney transplants.

Right now there are over 20 million people at increased risk for Kidney disease.  With your support Health & Awareness can continue to slow down the progression of Kidney disease; encourage early detection and combat the increase of Kidney damage, all the time-saving lives until a cure is discovered.


Governor Terry McAuliffe congratulated Wallace S. Green, Sr. of Virginia Beach during a special ceremony held at the Executive Mansion as the recipient of the 2017 Virginia Governor's  Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Senior Volunteer!