Online Bake less Sales

Most of the time I heard many donors say I would rather give a money donation than bake today. And so, we are asking you to help more or less to make our Bakeless Bake Sale a big success. Just donate the money that it would take to bake a loaf of bread or a beautiful cake or donate the amount of money it takes to buy a dozen rolls or maybe a pie!

We know you can help us if you will only try.

Due to your generous donation and willingness to care for others, fewer families, friends, neighbors will experience the shock and the surprise of the need for dialysis, Kidney transplant from Kidney failure or death. Together we can heighten awareness; bring early detection saving lives while the large business performs research and work to find a cure - prevention in motion.

Make your donation in the name of a special someone, honor a friend or memorialize a loved one who battled with Kidney disease.

Why should you donate to Health & Awareness, Inc? Health & Awareness has made change the lives of many individuals in the Hampton Roads area who were at risk with Kidney disease and had no idea. And today they are living a healthy life knowing how to control and prevent Kidney failure, dialysis, transplant or death.

We meet and informed individuals on a daily bases but this would not be possible without your support. Today's economic environment is forcing the Health & Awareness to look to individuals like you for support.

100% of all donation are used remain in the donated area and go toward the purpose and cause of Kidney disease prevention. Your donations allow us to expand our services and reach out and targe more at-risk populations that are affected by Kidney disease.

Make a donation by purchasing items you may purchase every day.

This is a win - win way of making donations to Prevent Kidney Disease.

Portion of Proceeds Goes to H&A.

Amazon Smile Community Rewards

Anyone can donate to Health & Awareness through Amazon's charitable program.
Here are the steps to follow.

1. Go to You will see a message to support your charitable organization on the login page.
2. Once you log in, it will say to select a charitable organization. You will have to scroll down and search for Health & Awareness Inc in Virginia Beach, VA then select and you're done.
3. All you have to do going forward is to always shop at to support Health &Awareness or click on the Amazon Smile banner to the left. 

Kroger Community Rewards

Anyone can donate to Health & Awareness through Kroger's charitable program.
Here are the steps to follow.

1. You have to set up a Kroger account online and link your Kroger Plus card to it.
If you already have a Kroger account set up, all you have to do is link your Kroger Plus card to it.
2. Log in and go to the drop-down arrow by your name, click on My Account and select community rewards on the left.
3. Under community rewards, click Enroll, type in this code IP186 and then search. 
4. Health & Awareness Inc will come up, click enroll and you’re done.
5. All you have to do going forward is swipe your Kroger Plus card to support Health & Awareness.

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